The Weber Lab is composed of a dynamic group of students and postdocs with expertise ranging from biology to physics.

Current Members

Steph Weber

Assistant Professor
Stewart Biology Building, N5/16
1205 Avenue Docteur Penfield
Montreal, QC H3A 1B1
(514) 398-2042



Peng A

Ph.D. student, Biology

Hello! My name is Peng A. I am PhD student in Biology. I did my undergraduate in Biology at Sichuan University and my first graduate in Dental Medicine at West China School of Stomatology, Sichuan University. In my previous study, I worked on epigenetic regulation on the DNA replication. Motivated by the idea of investigating the origin of life, I stepped into the exciting and promising phase transition field. I am excited to be part of the Weber Lab and to see how the non-membrane organelles unveil the secret of life.

Baljyot Parmar

PhD Student, Physics

Hi, I am a PhD student at McGill. I did my undergraduate degree at University of Toronto in physics with a specialization in biophysics.


Brendon McGuinness

PhD Student, QLS

Hi! My name is Brendon. I’m a PhD student at McGill in Quantitative Life Sciences both in the Guichard lab and the Weber lab. I did my undergrad in Physics and Computer Science also here at McGill. My research focuses on bridging levels of organization from the cell to ecosystem. I study different levels of self-organization in relation to how these dynamic processes drive patterns that ripple through all domains of life. Using both theory and microbial experiments I plan to look more closely at the dialogue between environmental flux, phenotypic diversity, and intracellular mechanisms.

Megan Couture

Masters Student, Biology

Hello, my name is Megan Couture and I’m a masters student here in the Weber Lab. My research focuses on the LINC Complex's effects on nucleolar assembly in C. elegans embryos. I did my undergraduate degree at McGill working in the Weber Lab, too. I'm excited to now pursue my research full-time!

James Wall

U2 Student

Bonjour-Hi! My name is James Wall and I am an undergraduate student at McGill University pursuing a Bachelor of Science with a major in Physiology. I am excited to work in the Weber Lab focusing on the intrinsically disordered protein DAO-5 and cannot wait to see where this will take me. I am eager to learn more every step of the way and build upon my ever-growing knowledge and understanding of biological systems.

Natika Bikraj 

U2 student

Hello! My name is Natika Bikraj and I am an undergraduate student at McGill University where I am majoring in Anatomy and Cell Biology. I am truly honored and at the same time quite thrilled with the opportunity to be part of the Weber lab, where I will be specifically performing rRNA FISH on early embryos. I look forward to exploring and understanding the complexity of living organisms!

Lab Alumni

Hannah Burr  QB Honours student;  now postbaccalaureate in the Tanner lab

James Goldberg  NSERC USRA recipient; now Biochemistry Honours student in the Pastor lab

Alex Diaz-Papkovich QLS rotation student; now PhD student in the Gravel lab

David Cohn  McGill SURA and NSERC USRA recipient; now QB Honours student in the Reyes lab

George Perlman Biology undergraduate; now research assistant in the Komarova lab

Philip Siekierski Physics undergraduate

Albright Kim Biochemistry undergraduate; now pursuing a minor in Computer Science

Matias Claus Pharmacology undergraduate; now NSERC USRA recipient in the Castagner lab

Graydon Tope Cellular and Molecular Biology undergrad; now medical student at Sackler

Anne-Marie Ladouceur FRQNT Postdoctoral Research Fellow; now Microscopy Specialist at ABIF

Bianca Granato QLS rotation student; now PhD student in the LiJessen lab